Midsummer Sketches GIPHY


Here are my sketches! My animation style is rough but not quite this nasty but I thought that it would be good to see some movement. I also provide some drawings to show where it will land visually (although I want to leave some room for improvisation in the process). I will probably also make them a bit more flat in colour to make them fit the gif format. I haven’t decided witch ones that will end up as stickers so I made them all transparent to begin with… Look and see what you think!

Sorry my English is a bit rusty. I probably should have used Chat GPT too!


Idea 1

“Små grodorna”

Dance around the midsummer pole. The core of Swedish culture. It is ugly and you imitate frogs.

Idea 2

“Midsommar krans och romans”

Midsummer often means romance and flowers in many forms. A garland binds together two people kissing.

Idea 3

“En midsommarnattsdröm”

The tradition of putting a bouquet of flowers under the pillow on Midsummer night to dream of your future love.

Idea 4

“Räven raskar över isen”

Wild spinning traditional folk dance.

Idea 5

“Stäm fiolen Brogren”

Violin playing lady in traditional dress.

Idea 6


Violin playing lady again